Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bond is back!

Now you have digested and disected the the title - Quantum of Solace.

Lets get into the nitty gritty of the latest installment, it is a sequel to the brilliant Casino Royale. One of the best Bond movie in years.

Is it not Bond 22 or something? Yes. It is. But its a follow on from the end of Casino Royale, where we left 007 having a conversation with Mr. White (played by Jesper Christensen), don't forget he saved his balls. So a continuation of that confrontation, I am most eager to see. Will he or won't he?

This is a return to classic Bond, where Connery's Bond used to tangle up with s.p.e.c.t.r.e and Blofeld from Dr NO. all the way thu to For Your Eyes Only.

Mr. White will have the honor of making the rare re-appearance of villains in a Bond movie.

The organization that he represents? You know what my guess is already.......

There is a very good interview with him over at msn movie segment

There is also an interesting article over at

Xicórias & Xicorações

Monday, 28 January 2008

Hive Attack!

Hey guys, those of you still in the wealthtoolbox, needs to update their user and password, most of you should have received emails by now.
Its very important that you do this as all prior earnings will be forfeited! bummer....

Below is a bit of info about their new application

January 28, 2008

HiveAttack Overview

What is HiveAttack?
We are developing a new computer program designed to analyze financial markets. The goal is to create a highly advanced prediction engine that will alert us when stock or currency prices are about to move up or down. The computing power required to reach our goal will be absolutely massive. It could take years on a very powerful super-computer, at a cost of millions of dollars.
That's where you come in...
In place of a super-computer, we've decided to link together tens of thousands of personal computers. Each one will contribute a little processing power, but in the end, we expect to have more computing power than we could get from a super-computer.
Why call it HiveAttack?
Just like worker bees in a hive, each person that joins will contribute a little bit to the goal of the group. Essentially, we're swarming together to 'attack' a problem that is far bigger than any one of us could handle.
How it will work...
Anyone can join and contribute a bit of their computing power. Those who do will be assigned a portion of the profits as we analyze and invest in various financial markets. As more and more people join (and contribute to the overall processing power), we expect to get closer and closer to our goal of designing a highly accurate financial market prediction engine. Once working, we'll use it to benefit the entire group.
So, are you with us?
Again, undertaking a project of this scope will take massive amounts of processing power, and many people joining together. However, we believe the results will be well worth it in the end. Our target payout date for contributor earnings is January 15, 2009...less than a year away. We need your spare computer processing power! Join now to help us reach our goal.

All use is subject to the terms of service and privacy policy.
© 2006 WealthToolbox

Sunday, 27 January 2008

New Dads & Mums

Here's a little email that was waiting for me, when I started my weekend shift :)
Advice to live by.

The illustrations are from

From: Kluszczynski, Marcin
Sent: 24 January 2008 06:51
To: Ahmed, Masud; Hunt, Christopher; Lydon, Kim; Kucharczyk, Tomasz; Ali, Laice
Subject: baby care - if you are having problems with it :)

Kliknij i zobacz więcej!

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No Buying No Selling, Just Referring & Making money

Just had to pass this one on!

Currently the United States has 900 million credit cards in circulation, and this number increases by 65 million cards every year.

Free Card Matrix, a company created by President Mark Colyer and Vice President Anthony Uva, was developed to allow the average person to earn profits from this multibillion dollar a year industry.

Every company that issues credit cards has acquisition costs in the billions annually for acquiring new cardholders. These companies incur these costs without worry due to the long term profits gained by the use of their credit cards.

Colyer explains, “The greatest wealth now and in the future will not be made from the selling of products or services, but by the company that creates the conduit for all digital commerce, both online and brick and mortar."

With recent developments like the National Do Not Call Registry, the companies that issue credit cards are becoming more desperate to find ways to gain new cardholders.

Free Card Matrix tapped into this need by creating a ten level referral plan that earns you money with each new referral.

Mark Colyer and Anthony Uva spent three years developing this plan so that there is no buying, no selling, just referring and making money!

Free Card Matrix is the only network marketing credit card opportunity of its kind!

All you have to do to participate in this multi-level-marketing network is apply for a credit card and be approved. They have different card options for nearly everyone, regardless of your
credit card history. Free Card Matrix works with the top credit card issuers in the world. These
companies offer credit cards with competitive rates and low APR balance transfer options.

The Ten Level Referral plan works to earn you money as soon as you get approved and verify your new Free Card Matrix card. For every referral you get, they will pay you $10. These
are called your “first level cardholders.” For the next nine levels of cardholder growth, we will pay you $2. The level of income that can be generated by this plan is incomparable.
For example, if you referred five cardholders and they each referred five and everyone else referred five, all the way through ten levels deep, there would be 12.2 million §cardholders in
your tenth level, which would be worth $24,414,100 to you!

Free Card Matrix is offering this Program with a long term financial strategy which is one of the reasons we are willing to pass along such generous commissions up front. As we acquire
millions of cardholders, we will aggregate the consumer power to negotiate many additional card benefits and cash commissions for the benefit of our members.

"Your success is our goal! Our credit cards are NO FEE cards, so they can't be sold or purchased".

There you have it, what are you waiting for? Program is accepted worldwide, it does not hurt to check it out, I've already dumped my cards to attain a better APR rating thus saving me money and making me money, its payback time!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Wealthtoolbox! WTG!


A quick update on my FREE account, this was first mentioned on
It's still FREE to join and they pay YOU! $100 to start you off!

January 26, 2008
Account Information
Account ID:
Referrals by Level
L1: 4
L2: 1
L3: 0
L4: 0
L5: 0
Earn more $$... Referred by:
Date joined: January 6, 2008
Starting Balance: $100.00
Last login: January 25, 2008

Payout date: January 6, 2010
Current Balance: $269.09

Most Recent Investment
Took Place: January 25, 2008
Profit/Loss: +2.5%
All use is subject to the terms of service and privacy policy.
© 2006 WealthToolbox

Friday, 25 January 2008

Linky Love 2008

Linky Love 2008
I was tagged for this meme by Sandee of Comedy Plus.

*Start Copying Here*

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! The benefits of Viral Linking:

- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!
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The Strategist Notebook, Link Addiction, Ardour of the Heart, When Life Becomes a Book, The Malaysian Life,, What goes under the sun, Roshidan’s Cyber Station, Sasha says, Arts of Physics, And the legend lives, My View, My Life, A Simple Life, Juliana RW, Mom Knows Everything, What Women REALLY Think, Not Much More Than This, Jayedee, Jenn, Beth, Christie, Marla, Cailin, Simone, FlipFlopMom, Katrina, Gill's Jottings, Work of the Poet, Wakela, Modern Day Goddess, Livin With Me, Are We There Yet??, Beth & Cory's Mom, A Mind Forever Voyaging, My Dogs Keep Me Sane, Mama Pajama, Comedy Plus , Pics

*Stop Copying*

I tag: The first five that want to participate. I'll add you here :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

CTF Voucher!

Finally after about a month, since it was posted. Received the Child Trust Voucher Information Pack in the post. Hurray!

Just got to choose which provider to choose.....mmm.

A traditional broker - like Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers or one
of them Green stakeholder plans that only invest in companies that only care and maintain the environment.

There's a good forestry fund as well, where its invested in only trees and all things green. Need to do a bit of research on these ones.

At the moment, my eldest daughter has an Islamic Sharia compliant stakeholder fund, my younger son has a traditional mutual fund.

For my youngest daughter its a toss up between green and greed.

Saturday, 19 January 2008


It's the weekend, I am stuck on my weekend shift in a basement, as I write this.

On MY late lunch break ;)

So you're stuck indoors? Raining outside? Nothing to do?

Why not learn Spanish!

Rocket Spanish - Your place for learning Spanish online.

Why do YOU want to learn to speak Spanish? Are you about to travel to a Spanish speaking country? Do you have a Spanish speaking partner? Are you studying Spanish and need better resources to make your learning task easier? Do you want to earn more money at your job by being bilingual? Perhaps you simply want to learn for personal pleasure.

Whatever your reasons are, Rocket Spanish is with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST...
...Rocket Spanish is designed to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to speak Spanish available.

Rocket Spanish is an interactive course that makes you want to study. Also, it's practical. You'll discover exactly what to say in virtually all situations.

With Rocket Spanish, you are going to learn Spanish rapidly, effectively, and easily. You are going to be able to speak at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you can think of!

You’re not just going to learn to speak Spanish. If you want to learn more grammar or vocabulary, there is also a program for you.

Rocket Spanish includes more than three hundred pages of grammar for beginning and advanced students. It also includes interactive games to make things more fun and easy to follow.

Try the FREE six-day course to see if Rocket Spanish is right for you.

Thousands of people, just like you, worldwide have used Rocket Spanish unique multimedia course to fast-track their Spanish learning, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?"

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Finally my new website is done!

At last my new website
is done and dusted.

This one is all about notebooks, ipods, iphones, galore. The latest and the best ones that are of value from the online technology world. The products listed are truly global from a dozen manufacturers and suppliers across the globe, all on one website.

The purpose is to save the consumer time, and effort in finding what's hot and what's not, the website comes with a feedback section for customers to rant or rave, hoping for all rave! There's a blog as well! But will be related to product reviews and news.

The site will be refreshed with new content, well that's the aim to differentiate with the one's out there.

Be the first to check it out! And do leave a comment or two!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Just spent the day updating the website, added new content from the latest trends in the tech sector, especially the Apple product line! As MacWorld 2008 still rolls on.

Updates from MacWorld 2008

iPod touch

IPod touch got a software upgrade. Apple is adding five mobile applications -- mail, maps, stocks, weather and notes. And of course you can watch those iTune movies, too.

Apple TV - take 2

Apple TV, Take 2. No PC/Mac required for synching your Apple TV to your desktop-based iTunes setup. Movies can be rented directly via the TV, and are available in HD. Podcasts, photos from Flickr and .mac, YouTube, too. TV shows and music can be bought via Apple TV as well, and synched back to your computer. Entirely new user interface. Apple is going all out to be the ultimate in home entertainment all brought via a small box.

iphone software update

Apple said today that it will provide a free software update for all iPhones that lets them find their location using a redesigned Maps application. There are features, too that have been added: you can text message multiple people, create Web Clips from websites and customize your home screen, and of course, watch movies that you rent from iTunes. iphone got cooler or what!

still waiting on the majors though, probably a new laptop or a newer this space so to speak.

Going ! Going ! Gone !

Banksy, gone for £208,100.00 ! yep....gone for that amount on ebay. Wow. The winning bidder needs a bigger living room to display that thing!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Coolest Thing

There is the coolest thing - that's happening on ebay right now.

An original artwork - graffiti based, done up on the wall of 274D Portobello Road W10 5TE, Next door to the Falafel King - by one Banksy

The landlord, has listed this item, on ebay, right now there are 67 bids - the highest being a bid of £207,099.00 !

Saturday, 12 January 2008


I'ts getting near 22:00, on a Saturday. Been at work since 0700, a few late
projects with very tight deadlines came in....aargh!

Wanted to make more, friends on Yuwie. But alas not to be. Wanted to push through more listings for my website and blog! But alas not to be. Oh well.

Only good thing is the overtime I'm getting!

The problem with overtime is you get to spend less time with the kids, doing what you want to do, in your own time.

My eldest daughter started her reception class last week, already she has gotten a book card. Which needs to be filled in each night she brings a book in from school.

She brought home, Mogs Box. I used to read those. Years ago and I still remember the witch......

Friday, 11 January 2008

The New Google!

Found this little gem, yesterday from one of my Yuwie Friends, his name's

What if you could have had a piece of Google?

Move over Google™! Look out Yahoo!™...

ZABANG™ is coming to town!

Have you ever "just missed" one of those *big* opportunities that you *knew* could've been BIG for you... if you'd just *acted*?

I'll tell you what... I sure have. And if you're like me at all, when you sit back and think about that lost opportunity, you know it doesn't feel very good, does it?

Well here's what I've got. Something just came across my wires that I truly believe will be the NEXT BIG THING, and I simply could not wait one moment to get this to share with you guys.

So HOW big? I'm talking "Amazon" big. I'm talking "AOL" big... I'm talking "buying 50,000 shares at Microsoft's IPO" big.

One of the internet's best minds

"You know who Mike Glaspie is right? He's the guy who founded and runs sites like,,,,,,, and several other sites, all of which are easily within the top 1% of all sites visited online".

That's a quote from one of many found in reviews of the many businesse that he started, I did a bit of research into his background the guy is a bona fida salesman, been in mlm and online for donkeys years, he can even sell ice to the Eskimos! During his time he has one many plaudits

As I read-up about his latest project, I got a bit excited, I stopped everything cold, no networking, no trading and spent most of the morning, reading up on his past businesses.


From the email invite that I received. It's at the pre stage, there's no mass marketing of any kind till the official "launch". You cannot definitely put this out on to automated traffic exchangers that are out there, just won't work and you will find yourself shut out.

From the email sales pitch

The email pitch was slightly long winded and over the top, as I'm already sold on the idea!

The following is, a brief excerpt, I edited quite a bit at this stage.

"It seems that for the past several months, Mike G has been working quietly on a new project. This project is going to have every marketer on the planet clamoring for a piece. (And btw, YOU are literally one of the very first to hear about this, so if you want a piece, it is YOURS for the taking!)

So here it is, here is what Mike is working on that is so monstrously big... Mike is putting the final touches on a series of sites that are going to revolutionize the search engine business. The cornerstone site of this project is a "tier 1" search engine called, and it's ultimate goal is nothing less than to topple Google itself from the search-engine throne... and you know what? I fully believe it's going to do it. I just don't see any way it can't!"

"The technology is already in place. Everything is thought out and all the pieces put together. And soon, Mike G is going to launch this to the world. But before he does, YOU have the chance to get in on this NOW! I don't know what could be a more "ground floor" opportunity than this".

A brand new approach to search engines

The sales pitch now goes into overdrive

"Now search engines have been done, but they all have one big problem for people like you and me... they don't provide any incentive to the marketer. For example, if you tell someone to go look something up on Google, who benefits from that? Why, Google does! Google gets the traffic, the viewer sees their ads that their advertisers pay them for, and so on. What do you get? Squat!

Mike has changed all of that. Zabang is built from the net marketer up, instead of from the "computer techs" down. (And yet, search results are blazingly fast... AND relevant. In fact, faster and more relevant than the other big names.)

See, Mike knows how to penetrate a market fast and big... reward others BIG TIME for doing it for you! Through (the site that manages the Zabang affiliate program), you'll get a FULL TEN PERCENT commission on every pay-per-click or sponsor purchase made by those you refer... for the LIFE of the customer. Yes, that's right, I said the entire life of that customer."


"Refer someone just once (using banners, links, or the Zabang search bar on your site) and you could easily be paid over and over again for years!
But it doesn't stop there... you see, ZabangSolutions offers a two-tier affiliate program. (Now this isn't M.L.M or network marketing, it's just two tiers.) This means that whenever you refer someone to Zabang and that person then becomes an affiliate like you, anyone THEY refer goes under you also, and you'll both get commissions from that customer... the affiliate you referred gets 10%, and you get a 5% override commission! Again, for the life of the customer! "

Not just another search engine!

This is what sold me - this last few bits. The good one's are on the last and first, forget the middle bits!

"But not "just" a search engine! And there is more! Zabang will offer first class hosting solutions featuring options from no-cost all the way up to extremely sophisticated hosting options. Each one guaranteeing indexing (listing) at You would expect nothing less from Zabang. And when your referrals host with, you get 10% & 5% all over again for the life of the customer's account. And there's no selling, just refer people to to do their online searches and they'll take it from there. It's completely passive... and totally viral."


"You know, I almost forgot to mention one of the best parts. (This is why I love Mike G, he is truly an unparalleled marketing genius!) Mike is also creating a companion site to Zabang called ZabangMail. will offer 100% spam-free, free email accounts, the best this state of the art technology has to offer to-date. And they don't use filters. They have their own proprietary technology for eliminating spam from your in-box. Users of will never have to worry that mail they want to receive will be filtered just because it contains words or phrases that couldn't pass through. And because is their own ISP they give guaranteed whitelisting to all publishers.

Now remember (and this is important), is a companion to Each one will promote the other. ZabangMail users will have a tag message at the bottom of their email just like Hotmail, just like Yahoo, etc. But this one will give a brief blurb about searching, but with a twist... are you ready? The URL in the tag message at the bottom of all user's email will also be (if elected) the affiliate's link for! Think about it... get just a few people to sign up for ZabangMail, and every single email they send out will track back to YOUR Zabang account earning you an override all over again! We're talking major cross promotion, and hyper viral marketing. It truly is going to be huge."

Just to give you an idea

"Just to give you an idea how big Zabang is destined to become... already their Alexa ranking is in the top 1/10 of 1% of all sites visited online... and this is only a private invitational pre-registration period! Wow! "

If that does not give you goose pimples, I don't know what will. With these things, I know you have to take 90 percent of the hype out. Nearly all of us have been in one form of MLM or another, you still have to refer people to spread the word, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.


The beauty of the internet is that there's so much stuff out there, that one can do all your research from your breakfast table or from your bedroom. You can create your own marketing online business empire literally within a week, mine took less than two weeks. There you have it the next big thing - the new Google!

Still waiting on that reply email though.......

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Posted my first post, in haste aargh!

First Blog.

Having dropped my eldest off to school, got her younger brother to watch Cbeebies.

Then I started to re-draft my very first blog, and completed it's first post before I left for the clinic with the baby.

In betweenst my anguishes of my son at not having seen "In the night garden". He quite likes that one! He likes Makka PaKka, one of the characters from the program.

I forgot to make the post more interesting!

Baby Clinic

I published it, without a further ado. Called the cab to take us to the baby clinic they schedule these things on Mondays and Thursdays. Monday I was still completing my last 12 hour shift of my weekend shift.

So Thursdays it was then, It was typical London weather as usual, raining and windy. So the cab was it then. Had to pack away my high performance Graco Push Chair.

When we got there the clinic was closed! No one seemed to have bothered to call all those registered with under 3's that it will be closed, just a notice at the door.

C'mon NHS, We live like well over 2 miles, at least call to say that your'e closed! I know money's tight with all those overpaid positions that nobody's heard of, with enough consultants on the books that one can shake a stick at.


All the while something was niggling me, my first blog post. I got all interested, when I first joined up with Yuwie, the network site.

I read an article on the BBC's technology website section on xmas eve, whilst at work. I know shouldn't do it, hey but it's not banned yet!

It did a write up with one of the founders, you can check it out at for an excerpt of that article.

It's a network site where you make friends and connect with people from all over the world, I made well over 200 friends, in the span of only two weeks!

It let's you do chat, upload vids, pics, and has a blog feature of what ever you want to say, mine on there, at the moment is all about my website and the working business opportunity, that are out there. The one's that work.

I've done about half a dozen already, and that got me thinking and searching as well, which led me here to blogger. Where I can say and think about our world in which we live in what matters most to us. The pictures of our world - pics.


My first post, sucked. Real bad. Had to change it, so I did, after I calmed down from the clinic debacle. Made the necessary adjustments, a little tweaking here and there. Had a minor panic, along the way as my son accidently dialled 999 from the mobile. I quicky hanged up - but alas the call got registered, the kind lady at the other end was prompt. Very.

I apologised , blamed it on the phone design, where the lock feature actually unlocks the phone when you press all the keys at once! Try it.

The operator took my name and details anyway as routine. Well it's one of those things that happen at my house.

All the whilst tweaking my first blog post. Finally, I done it. Looked it over said what I had to say, did what I had to do. I just hit Publish.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Heavenly Swords - That Are Out Of This World

At last, you can finally act out the siege scene at Helm's Deep, in The Two Towers. You know the climactic scenes where, Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas - the elf with the fastest fingers in middle earth. I thought he was the coolest of the heroes assembled - are holed up at Helm's Deep.

The trio hold out against them pesky Orcs and Goblins, at Helm's Deep. Which I thought were the best scenes ever to be put to celluloid. I could not as yet fathom as to why fight in the dark, the baddies far outnumber the goodguys by a margin greater than 4-1. They could have easily trounced these guys in daylight. Well just a thought, as I could have seen the action much better.

pictures are courtesy of Imdb

If, by perchance you are wondering what Helm's Deep and The Two Towers mean, well where were you, during the past 7 years? If you haven't read J.R.R Tolkien's masterpiece nor have the definitive trilogy by Peter Jackson, now's the time to ebay it!

pictures are courtesy of Heavenly

The sword is the one my brother has in his collection. He said he bought it on the internet, which wasn't a toy and that it was like an exact replica of Frodo's sword.

These things were all the rage at that time, you had school kids doing mock fights of the ones from the movies up and down the country.

The replica my brother had didn't feel at all , you know. Had a plasticky feel to it, like a toys. It's very cool, the detail on it is amazing and you can see the elvish engravings and everything.

Did I say it glows in the dark as well!

It is an exact replica of the one in the movies. I tried to do a little digging, these things were in nearly all the retail outlets, some priced more expensively than others, you gotta watch the prices in these things, as what you are getting is a collector's item.

I stumbled upon Heavenly After a good few minutes of trawling the net. It had the Lords Of The Rings category, which is good I thought. So I went straight there, went to the Glowing Sting Replica - which looks exactly the one my brother had.

It described what you were getting, an exact authenticated replica of a movie prop. The coolest description was the on - off switch or selector as they described it. The sword makes battle noises when you strike at objects. The feature that I liked was the button that turns the thing to glow blue and it sort of humms in your hand.

For those who don't know, when the sword turns blue it means there are orcs nearby.

This sword takes pride of place hanging in its medieval style base, complete with wrought iron on our wall near the front door. Every body that comes by the house, that's the first thing they see and notice. We get lots of cool comments as well.

Heavenly swords, is a one stop shop for all thing swords, whether it be anime, medieval, military swords, you name it they have it and it's not only for The Lords Of The Rings stuff that I came looking for in the first place.

If you want a saber from the 1860's exactly detailed, you got it here my friend. These guys have a 1860's U.S issue cavalry sword manufactured by Cold Steel. They are renowned for their high performance of the items that they produce.

Not just swords they have. They also do shields, helmets. One of the helmets that I liked was the Gondorian Helmet. It's a limited edition one at that, only 2000 ever made. The helmet is solid iron! With leather interior! Forget displaying it, you can wear this thing.

They do miniatures as well, its only swords at the moment. Would it not be cool to have it on your desk to show off? They are only smaller versions of the swords themselves, but still keeping the exact detail of their older siblings.

Every single item, is hand picked by Heavenly swords for its quality and value. They are made by the biggest names in the business from around the world. If these guys don't have it, there's a reason. It's not made yet!

C'mon. Swords ready. Helmet on, shields at the ready, CHARGE!!! See you on the other side!

Thanks to my sponsor Heavenly Swords